SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has said people need to "lighten up" after Scotland fans booed the English national anthem at a friendly match on Tuesday.

The game was a celebration of 150 years since the fixture was ever played, and saw the old rivals face off at Hampden park once again.

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Members of the Tartan Army in the crowd were seen booing God Save the King at the start of the match, prompting criticism of their behaviour among fans and commentators.

The likes of Ally McCoist stepped in to condemn the behaviour, as did Tory politicians and political commentators.

But Flynn told Radio Clyde during a campaign visit to Rutherglen that people need to "realise that a bit of friendly rivalry in the football arena is probably a good thing".

Asked to give his reaction to the events, the keen football fan said: "Well, you know, I’ve been going to the football for a long time, both Dundee United games as a big fan but also Scotland games – I’m a member of the Tartan Army.

"I’ve seen Scotland fans boo, I’ve been part of booing in the past. It’s part of football. I think some folk have taking things a little too seriously.

"They probably need to lighten up a little bit and realise that a bit of friendly rivalry in the football arena is probably a good thing."

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SNP MP Mhairi Black echoed Flynn's sentiment in an interview with Radio Clyde. She said: "It happens. I’ve been to plenty of Scotland games.

"What I would say is I don’t maybe take it as seriously as other folk do but I’m fairly relaxed about it.”

The friendly match resulted in a 3-1 defeat for Scotland.