SCOTTISH fans drowned out the English national anthem with boos ahead of the match against England at Hampden Park.

The England and Scotland teams faced each other for the 150th Anniversary Heritage Match, which celebrates 150 years since the first international fixture.

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As the match opened, Scottish fans could be heard booing the English national anthem, God Save The King, to the point people in the stadium and at home could not hear the song.

One Twitter/X user wrote: "I'm absolutely not anti English, but I am anti-monarchy and this is sweet sweet music to my ears".

Others used the hashtag '#NotMyKing' and some even called it the highlight of the game by half-time as England scored two goals in the opening half.

Meanwhile, the Scots rendition of Flower of Scotland left many fans feeling emotional and hopeful for Scotland’s success.

One fan said: “The rendition of Flower of Scotland tonight even gave me goosebumps with levels I’ve very rarely heard!”

Whilst this particular game is a friendly, Scottish football fans pointed towards another game taking place in Oslo, Norway v. Georgia, as a draw would guarantee Scotland’s qualification to the Euros in 2024.