Ally McCoist has branded Scotland fans "out of order" for booing England's national anthem at Hampden Park on Tuesday night.

God Save The King was drowned out by the home support prior to kick-off before Flower of Scotland was sung.

McCoist was disappointed by the reaction and he insists that all anthems should be respected by the home support.

Speaking on talkSPORT he said: "I think another country's national anthem should be respected and I think it was absolutely out of order.

"I do not like the booing of any national anthem to be honest with you. I just think it is a distinct lack of respect. I genuinely dislike it intensely. If you can't show respect, I am not talking about England, I am talking about anybody or anybody that goes to Hampden, any football ground or any sporting event. If you can't show the opposition respect by respecting their national anthem, I think it is a poor show.

"I get the rivalry with England and Scotland, and I get some of the Scots, perhaps SNP fans giving it the whole bit, but I am talking about in general. There should be respect shown for an opposing national anthem and I think it is totally out of order."

England's star man Jude Bellingham insisted after the game that the booing spurred England on to secure the victory at Hampden Park.

"When you do that to the right team it can really get under their skin," said the Real Madrid man on the national anthem disruption.

"Today we were so poised, so calm and composed that it actually kind of boosted us and gave us a real lift going into the game.

"We're all really proud to represent our country so it's important we showed that in a game like today."