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MILLIONAIRE prime minister wannabe Rishi Sunak desperately wants to relate to the British public, and what better way to do so than sharing some heartfelt memories of trips to McDonald's with his daughters. 

In fact, just the other day the former chancellor was spotted trying to use his Debit Card in a London branch of the fast food chain, bless.

He may have had problems using his contactless card before – hey, a £43,000-a-year education can't teach you everything – but this time Sunak was more than up to the task of tapping the plastic against the screen and waiting patiently for the beep. 

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Or so it might have seemed... but once again, much like during his time as chancellor, the wily leadership contender tried to pull the wool over our eyes. 

Social media users were quick to notice that the screen Sunak was using already showed a "Thank You for Your Order" message and had printed the receipt...

The National:


The criticism however hasn't done anything to sway Sunak from his McDonald's focused master plan, as he marched onto This Morning to discuss all things breakfast menu. 

Unfortunately he again fell foul of the people with whom he most wants to identify – the die-hard McLovers. 

While passionately discussing his love of sharing a breakfast wrap with his daughters, the Thatcher-loving MP didn't realise his faux pas – that the breakfast wrap has not been on the McDonald's menu since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. 

Worse still, McDonald's has actually confirmed Sunak's "favourite" wrap will NEVER RETURN to the menu. 

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to highlight his error on Twitter, revealing Sunak's position in one of the most questionable sections of society: those who pretend to the mass public that they spend a lot of time in McDonald's to make people like them (you know the type). 

Unfortunately for Sunak, the whole debacle has only served to make him even MORE unrelatable. 

Maybe instead of spending his time pretending to buy McDonald's, worthy cause as it is, he could come up with some plans to help the thousands of people being shoved into poverty by the relentless Tory Government. 

If not, maybe eating BigMacs would be a safer fake McDonald's memory.