RISHI Sunak has said he "can’t imagine circumstances" where he would allow another independence referendum to take place in Scotland.

During the Tory leadership hustings in Perth, Sunak was asked by STV political editor Colin Mackay if he would ever allow another independence referendum.

In response Sunak said: “It is quite frankly barmy for politicians to be trying to focus on a divisive and unnecessary constitutional referendum at a time when people are worried about heating their homes.

He added: “I can’t imagine the circumstances where I would [allow another referendum].

"We live in a Union which is of course there by consent and by democracy and I accept that.

“But I just don’t think that anybody thinks that now or anytime in the future is remotely the time to focus on this.

“I’m focused on defending the union, on demonstrating the benefit of the Union to people in Scotland.”

Sunak also promised more scrutiny of the Scottish Government if he becomes Prime Minister.

“The welfare budget in Scotland is increasing by 50% over the next five years. That is wrong.

“We are a party that believes in people working hard. That’s where the priority should be.

“It should be on cutting peoples taxes, not putting more money into the welfare system.”

When pressed on whether he would bypass the Scottish Government on some spending Sunak confirmed that he would.