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IT's been a nightmare 24 hours for Rishi Sunak since he delivered his Spring Statement.

The mini-budget faced criticism for not going far enough to protect living standards, with the Resolution Foundation saying the package of measures announced by Sunak on Wednesday will do little to ease the impact of inflation, which is forecast to hit a 40-year high.

Typical working-age household incomes are set to fall by 4% in real terms in 2022-23, a loss of £1100, while the largest falls will be among the poorest quarter of households where incomes are set to fall by 6%, the think tank said.

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Amid the backlash, Sunak has been mocked for a photo he shared on Twitter of him filling up a car with petrol. It comes as forecourts put up their prices after he cut 5p from fuel duty and demanded that retailers pass on the reduction to drivers.

The cut, which is only the second reduction of the duty in 20 years, is a response to record pump prices following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and will remain in place until March 2023 after starting at 6pm last night.

Sunak's tweet said: "5p from fuel duty and demanded that retailers pass on the reduction to drivers."

The Government told the Financial Times that the car Sunak is filling up belongs to a Sainsbury's employee but did pay to fill up the tank with petrol.

The tweet received backlash from the public, with many pointing out the Chancellor's hypocrisy. 

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In another attempt to be relatable, Sunak said the price of the Hovis seeded bread he buys has gone up by around 20p to £1.20.

He told BBC Breakfast: "We all have different breads in my house. There's a degree of healthiness between my wife, myself and my kids."

Sunak was also mocked for not knowing how contactless payments work.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, the Chancellor was shown in a Sky News report attempting to buy a can of Coca Cola and a Twix via contactless payment.

The clip had been liked nearly 20,000 times at the time of writing, with nearly 4000 retweets.

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Sunak appeared to be confused by the concept of contactless payment in the video, which showed him holding his card up to the device which was actually intended to scan his purchase.