MICHAEL Gove’s dance moves have been panned by a Strictly Come Dancing judge after the Tory minister was filmed cutting some extremely unusual shaped on an Aberdeen dancefloor.

The Cabinet Office chief has been roundly mocked on social media after footage of his dancing went viral on social media.

Craig Revel Horwood rated the politician's moves to be a three out of 10, but gave Gove the maximum score possible for "enjoying himself".

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 54, was spotted dancing in a dark suit with no tie at the Pipe club night in Aberdeen, with the venue posting a video on Facebook showing him throwing shapes on the dancefloor.

Revel Horwood appeared on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine show via video call to discuss Gove's moves.

He told the studio panel: "I think it is absolutely hilarious and I have got to say this, that I have to embrace people going out and enjoying themselves and dancing, no matter in what form.

"However, there is a technical issue here, darling, as well. As a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, I can only comment technically on it.

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"I don't care how people dance, in that respect. But if you are going out to a nightclub at some ungodly hour in the morning, 1.30 in the morning ... and you get filmed doing this sort of dancing, then it is your own fault, quite frankly.

"I would say he should be a little bit more technical if you are going to be in public doing it. At least rehearse it at home, I would say."

Revel Horwood, who has been a member of the Strictly judging panel since the BBC show's inception in 2004, said the problem with Gove's dancing came from his "core".

He added: "There isn't a real urgency or inner rhythm there, so he is trying to compensate that with the flick of a wrist and he does that over and over again – and that becomes very repetitive to watch.

"I know he was out enjoying himself and for that I would give him a 10 to encourage anybody to go out there.

"But as a technical scenario, I think the only possible score I could give him is a three."