The National:

MICHAEL Gove’s dancing is exactly like a car crash. You know you should look away, but you just can’t. You may also require counselling after witnessing it.

It is, however, the gift that keeps on giving.

First it was alleged that the Tory minister suggested he didn’t need to pay the £5 entry to the Aberdeen club because he’s the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Then there is of course the dancing itself, which provides much to think about.

Thanks to comedian Matt Highton we now have a hilariously disturbing Trainspotting edit which shows Gove embarrassing himself to Heaven 17’s Temptation while Ewan McGregor’s character wanders around the nightclub seeking a lover for the night.

The video has been viewed nearly 100,000 times on Twitter, with fans including the likes of Janey Godley.

“This is equal parts horrifying and hilarious,” wrote one user who summed it up nicely.

“This works far too well,” added another.

The Cabinet Office minister had been dancing at the city's Pipe club night at the weekend. The organisers posted a video on Facebook which showed him on the dancefloor, with the caption “Gove in the club.”

Adam Taylor, co-manager of Pipe, said Gove had been in the O’Neill’s pub downstairs and appeared interested when he came out and heard music.

“He said ‘I love to dance’ and I said ‘it’s £5 to come up’ and he said ‘even for the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster?'," Taylor told journalists.