REGARDING the article in the Sports section, “Fates will be decided for better or worse” (April 9).

This is the most inequitable recommendation ever concocted by Scottish football’s administrators. The proposal represents an enormous set of double standards whilst also encouraging the promotion of self-interest and opportunism.

By what process were these recommendations drawn up? Who was involved? And who did the SPFL canvass prior to presenting this agenda for self-serving mediocrity?

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The solution to the admittedly unparalleled circumstances and the main dichotomy of problems requires: cash to be allocated now on the basis of final positions calculated at average points won by games played, champions to be appointed, relegation scrapped and the leagues restructured to 3x14 with each team playing home and away and with the new season 2020/21 starting in October 2020. This can be reviewed again at the conclusion of the new season.

The vote by member clubs has to be on this raft of proposals as a package, and not a piecemeal approach to these particular difficulties.There cannot be a two-tier approach: are the championship and leagues one and two being used to test UEFA’s response? It’s a bit like Thatcher rolling out the poll tax in Scotland as a pilot project.

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I will be watching how clubs vote, and those that support the proposal will not receive my patronage ever again. I will endeavour to organise boycotts of these venues. How dare teams like Alloa Athletic, Morton, St Johnstone, Hamilton and Raith Rovers condemn Partick Thistle to league one or demote Hearts to the championship and Stranraer to the second division?

Another dimension to this is, will these particular teams still be here by October 2020? Heaven help if they come running back with their tails between their legs looking for preferential treatment to keep them viable or alive.

Chick Hosie
Scottish Football Fans For Yes

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