TRUMP, as he’s about to pack up a 25-year-old nuclear treaty with Russia, has been “through hell” over his impeachment case. Poor Donald.

Meanwhile Russian bombing in Syria hits a maternity hospital, killing many, including children. Down in London, Westminster Abbey, which states it is “a Royal Peculiar”, will ring its bells for the birthday of Prince Andrew. Here in Scotland we may soon be wishing goodbye to General Davidson as she takes her talents to the House of Lords.

Hurry up an independent Scotland, rid of America’s weapons, royal nonsense and a spoilt pet.

Iain R Thomson

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DEREK McKay has certainly embarrassed the Scottish Government and the SNP and given a gift to the Unionists who, with the connivance of the right-wing press, will keep independence out of the headlines for a few weeks.

Aside from this distraction, the marriage of Scotland and England is clearly disintegrating. Most marriages in this state end in divorce.

Why delay the inevitable?

Mike Underwood