HOLYWOOD star Brian Cox says Scotland gaining independence is a matter of “when not if”.

The actor, from Dundee, also urged the SNP to change their name to the Scottish Independence Party.

He made the comments on Football, Feminism and Everything in Between, a podcast hosted by former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and his daughter Grace, a comedian and activist.

Cox said: "I am an internationalist. It is possible for us to be independent and internationalist and I would be much happier if they were the 'Scottish Independence Party'.

"If I felt Scotland could be an independent country in Europe, that would be my ideal now.”

The actor, who switched from Labour to SNP around five years ago, also hit out at the Westminster Government.

He said: "The idea that this government has the faintest clue or interest in Scotland – forget it."

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Cox also discussed his role in hit HBO series Succession as filming begins for season three. The Scot plays New York-based media mogul Logan Roy.

He believes the programme has “absolutely” boosted tourism in Scotland after with parts of the show were filmed in Dundee, also the birthplace of Cox's protagonist.

Commenting on filming inside the V&A, Cox said: “It was hard work though, we had to do the filming of the main scenes in the museum through the night when the place was closed."

He added: "And I was a bit pissed off about some of the other shots – the house Logan was supposed to have grown up in – they shot it in Glasgow. Dundee has very different stone on the houses.

"I took some of the team on a tour of the real Dundee, showed them where I was born, where I grew up. It's still there."