DUTY of care – just three small words but they collectively send out a strong message. In sport it is imperative that everyone understands their own “duty of care” and that those who hold responsibility for progressing any complaint received do so with care, understanding and compassion.

Organisations raising awareness of these issues are thankful for those who speak out, as it makes it easier, in some small way, for others to do the same.

Also if the individual is a “well-kent face” from their role on TV, radio – or more commonly now social media – the coverage of such an issue, again helps raise awareness to others who may be going through a similar situation.

Charlie Webster, the former Sky Sports presenter for years kept the fact that her athletics coach was abusing her hidden from friends, family and others in her athletic club.

It’s disturbing to read stories such as this and it worries me that it is the tip of the iceberg as sometimes these horrific events are buried deep, in order to allow the individual to carry on with day-to-day living.

For Webster, it was a revelation to find out that several of her running friends had also been abused and no-one had ever spoken about it. One young girl even took her own life, the ultimate act for someone so desperate and feeling so alone. You can catch up on a documentary on this, Nowhere to Run: Abused by Our Coach, on BBC iPlayer.

Scottish Women in Sport is proud to have on its digital committee, Mhairi Maclennan, the co-founder of Kyniska Advocacy, which aims to create a sporting world that celebrates, protects, and respects women in sport. Its vision is worth repeating here, as it states the obvious that is so often overlooked.

- A sporting community which fosters a safe environment and has the protection of women at its heart.

- Sport where decisions are made with women in mind, by people who understand us and where women have a seat at the table.

- A world where men’s sport isn’t the default standard for women’s sport. We are fighting for equity in sport – sport tailored to different needs.

Still in its infancy, Kyniska has made vast inroads to ensuring the safety of young women, something that – unfortunately and disturbingly – we so desperately need.