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COMMENT Maureen McGonigle: A refreshing plan to build trust and pull down barriers

BUILDING a work force that can cope with the needs of sport is important, and it is something that we have to tackle now. While many continue to increase their investment into women’s sport, they have to realise that this will increase the pressure on officials, administrators, judges, etc – so there is a necessity to invest also to cope with future growth.

comment The inspirational women's football team who would put today's players to shame

THERE’S a new documentary about to hit our screens on BBC Alba, tracing the little-known Rutherglen Ladies who played football in the 1920s! This is a team full of inspirational, kind-hearted and determined women, who continued to play even although it was frowned upon by most corners of society. In England a formal ban was introduced in 1921, whilst in Scotland it was later, just after the Second World War. However, even before then, it is believed the Scottish FA discouraged its members from