HAVING just read “Craig Fowler on Monday”, is it too much to hope that Scottish Referees DO go on strike?

If they do then replacements will need to be drafted in from other associations, because you can’t cut off your source of income by preventing football clubs from playing and fans parting with their hard-earned money just because referees spit the dummy out.

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It is commendable that the Scottish Senior Referees Association makes a statement defending their members, but that same association needs to accept the fact that there are officials within their ranks that just aren’t up to the job. When they do admit to this fact, perhaps there will be more understanding heading their way, but to watch footballers being kicked off the park and see nothing being done by the officials to stop it leaves supporters wondering how long the game can last.

Scottish football is fast losing the “entertainment value” it was once proud to claim.

I say, “let the refs go out on strike” – it might shake everybody up.

Jim Todd