The National:

PRITI Patel hasn’t exactly done her best to endear herself to the England team.

The Home Secretary hit the headlines earlier this month for suggesting fans have the right to boo the side for taking the knee – a protest against racism.

The Tory minister, who has admitted in the past that her immigration rules may have stopped her own parents from coming to the UK, isn’t the most popular of public figures full stop.

It was little wonder then that her congratulatory tweet to the England team was received about as kindly as Boris Johnson is in Scotland.

Following the side’s 2-0 victory over Germany, the Home Secretary posted a very subtle celebratory tweet – a roaring lion superimposed over an English flag with the caption: “What a result #ItsComingHome”.

Big mistake.

“If it came home, you would deport it,” a Twitter user fired back.

Others responded with England and Scotland’s show of solidarity before their group game at Wembley – something Patel said fans would be entitled to boo.

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Some pointed out that if the Home Secretary had her way many of England’s stars may not even be in the country.

“The sad thing is Raheem Sterling and Bukayo Saka (to name just two) wouldn’t be representing England if the policies Priti Patel is proposing were in place a generation ago,” Amar Singh wrote.

Former England ruby union player Brian Moore added: “I'm confused, I thought your mantra was #theyregoinghome”

Others turned the tables on the Tory minister.

Liverpool Echo journalist Liam Thorp also replied to the “it’s coming home” post: “It’s trying to but you’ve put it in an offshore hub.”

For Priti Patel, it’s her chickens that are coming home, not football.