The National:

WE wish it wasn’t all so predictable.

Vocal Brexiteers were absolutely unhinged following England’s success against Germany in the last 16 of the Euros last night, insisting Gareth Southgate’s side had leaving the EU to thank for their 2-0 victory.

The National:

Poor Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane may have scored a goal each, but according to some high-profile Leavers that paled in comparison to Brexit itself.

Tory peer Lord Moylan was less than gracious in England’s victory, tweeting out: “Poor Germans. This wasn’t the Brexit narrative fed them by their press.”

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Meanwhile in Germany, government official Andreas Michaelis posted: “Congratulations England. Much deserved victory. Wishing you all the best in this tournament. We will have to build a new team. This great competition between [England] and [Germany] will continue.”

The difference could not be more distinct. What a joy that we get to be represented on the world stage by the likes of Lord Moylan …

Also last night former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib, now the chairman of “Brexit Watch”, wrote: “Terrific performance by [England]. Brexit in action,” followed by a winking face.

After he was heavily mocked for the comments, Habib wrote that people with European flags on their profiles suffer a “collapse in capacity for humour” and ordered them “two spoons full of Brexit” as treatment. What a charmer.

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England have now made it through to the quarter-finals, where they’re set to face Ukraine after they beat Sweden 2-1 last night.

Nicola Sturgeon congratulated Southgate and his team following their win, but managed to get in a cheeky dig too.

“Only one team still unbeaten by England so far in Euro 2020,” she joked.