I FEEL there is another group of people we should add to the list of those who deserve a huge round of applause for keeping us safe and sane during the pandemic and that’s independent fitness instructors. These people have had to quickly adapt and learn new skills to keep clients happy.

There are many people, probably more so women, who keep themselves fit through group exercising, going at their own level and enjoying the company of others. Of course, that was back in the day when we could meet up and enjoy the company of other people.

However all wasn’t lost for so many of these women, as the keep-fit community raised their game to meet the challenges of Covid-19, and there are so many thankful people who have kept their physical fitness in check and also found a way to ensure good mental health.

For many fitness professionals, they have now gained some new knowledge and skills, which I am sure wasn’t in their previous vocabulary, as they have all become, through necessity, IT experts, mental health champions and to a certain extent, entertainers.

I know first-hand that with the constant changes to restrictions it has, at many times, seemed like an impossible task for these individuals. But they have raised their game to face the challenge, and for many women of a certain age, this has been a life saver. It has made these past months move slightly quicker than we could believe possible.

However, for one instructor in North Wales, it was a worrying time when she received a visit from the police as it had been reported that a party was in progress. It was in a sense, as it was a socially distanced fitness class, but it was a relief on both sides when the truth was revealed and the class continued without further interruptions to the delight of all involved.