I SEE quite a bit of a “cut off your face to spite your nose” mindset growing in Scottish voters with the move in to wanting to vote Labour.

The jubilation seen by Unionists on September 19 2014 will be small stuff if the SNP lose a majority of MPs.

The Labour Party with a huge majority in Westminster will use all its legal and associated media powers to remove powers from Holyrood and put them into Westminster’s hands.

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If they succeed in destroying an SNP majority then there will be no-one to protect Scots.

It won’t matter if there is a Labour “government” in Scotland. By then, Westminster will have the ultimate power on a scale we haven’t seen yet.

This will be the permanent future for Scots.

Labour voters will be the losers, SNP voters will be the losers, SNP voters who were grumping about the SNP will be the losers, Yes voters who don’t like the SNP will be the losers, the children of all of these groups will be the losers, and their children will be the losers.

Brian Powell
St Andrews