I HAVE to inform Conservative candidate Andrea Jenkyns (Leeds South West & Morley) that, contrary to her suggestion, even if EVERY Labour candidate was elected, there would still NOT be a “socialist supermajority” in the so-called UK.

Ever since pre-Tory Blair days, there has been an unrelenting campaign to make socialism a dirty word within Labour. They are now occupying the ground of the “Old” Tory party. The only thing that makes them look remotely left-wing is the fact that the Tories have been infiltrated by neo-fascist capitalists.

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Talking of infiltration, the upper echelons of the SNP seem to have fallen victim. Salvo claim to have solid LEGAL grounds for pursuing independence. Why have the leadership of my party not explored this avenue, instead of constantly pleading for a referendum that is NEVER going to be “granted”?

At one time we had an OVERALL majority in Holyrood which got us ... NOWHERE. And you think the “party of independence” hasn’t been penetrated by UK Government agents?

Barry Stewart

AS a non-car owner, I spend a lot of time on public transport. The side-dish to that is being unable to avoid random chat.

As a political observer, it’s been fascinating, since Sunak’s election suicide note was issued, to hear voices up and down the political spectrum on the subject of the upcoming Westminster bash.

Cut out those who will be absent due to holidays and those who won’t vote because they prefer to complain rather than act. Also cut out those who will vote one way or another regardless. That leaves the folk who will decide the election.

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Here in Scotland, one of the fascinating things emerging as we close in on July 4 is the number who think the Westminster elections do not matter. They – or so they say – “care” about Scotland. That means they’ll wake up for Holyrood.

In other words, they’ll ignore the wrecking ball that has already hit their property multiple times and is poised to do so again because someone is coming to fix the gutters in a couple of years.

When a future referendum is blocked by Sir Starmer of Sameageddon and Scotland continues to try to run its own country with one hand tied behind its back, allowing Labour rather than the Tories to continue siphoning off Scotland’s resources while claiming that all that is wrong with Scotland is the fault of Holyrood, I look forward to eavesdropping on more bus conversations – though I can guess what they will be saying…

Amanda Baker

ONE thing that is noticeable so far in this election campaign is use of the word “independence” by Unionist spokespersons when attacking the SNP. It seems the only time that the word is mentioned is when a Unionist uses it.

Not mentioned by the SNP, this raises the question “is the SNP still a party of independence?” No mention of the benefits to Scotland of independence, only that things in Scotland (eg the health service) are better than in the rest of the UK.

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Is the objective of the SNP now to only try to improve the devolution situation, and have they given up on independence but not yet told supporters? It seems like it to me.

As others have repeatedly pointed out, without independence, what’s the distinct selling point of the SNP? Why, without independence, should anyone choose to vote SNP? Without independence there are plenty of others to chose from on July 4.

Drew Reid

IN Sunday letters page a Jack Bell accuses me of “having a go at the SNP at least once a week often with misleading information”. I note with great interest he declines to specify what information he considers was “misleading” or to say it was actually untrue. To save time and effort, in my defence I would simply draw his attention to Sunday’s long letter from Peter Bell, who hits the political nail on the head.

My postal ballot paper will arrive in a few days. For the first time in 50 years of active SNP membership I will face a dilemma. Will I put my cross beside the SNP candidate who has, like all the others, defied the party’s October 2023 conference decision and omitted the very word independence from the ballot paper? Will I by implication and association support the recent actions of Michael Matheson? Thankfully I will have some time to mull over my dilemma before making a final decision in the coming weeks.

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I think I will try to refrain from drafting any further letters to The National, at least until the election is over, for fear that I, and others, will be held personally responsible by several of your regular correspondents when, as I suspect, the result is far from their liking. However, shooting the messengers is not always the best policy.

I am reminded of a bloody scene from the 2005 movie Kingdom of Heaven when, under a flag of truce, messengers from Saladin are brutally killed by the then King of Jerusalem, who goes on to lead his army to total defeat.

Brian Lawson