WITHOUT doubt this is one of the most dishonest British election campaigns ever. The London parties continue to ignore serious economic issues by offering bribes and promises of tax reductions, pay rises and various NHS expansion plans. There is indeed little difference between Tory and Labour.

With a slice of realism, the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) in London has warned that if these plans were to go ahead, financial disaster could result. The IFS further stated that tens of billions of pounds would have to be raised for payment. Yet with both Tory and Labour against further borrowing or tax rises, this would require drastic cuts from all government budgets.

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As to the English obsession with leaving Europe, when the free movement of people greatly helped the NHS and other public bodies, this Brexit has been a disaster, with only the SNP talking about its consequences. Again both Labour and Tories agree that billions more are required to upgrade Trident and the armed forces.

In truth, in line with other small successful European nations, to pay for good public services and a higher standard of living, taxation has to increase proportionally.

Listening to all the Scottish party leaders, only John Swinney of the SNP is offering real change through independence, since all the rest are bound to their London UK bosses.

Grant Frazer

STEPHEN Flynn told ITV last Tuesday night that the SNP would seek to hold a second referendum if the SNP win the majority (29 out of 57) of the Scottish seats at the forthcoming General Election and that it will be held within five years.

I am genuinely fascinated as to how he came to this conclusion. Most of us ordinary mortals find it hard to predict events five days into the future, let alone five years. The SNP are clearly short of funds. Donations and legacies have dried up and membership income has halved in the past decade.

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Perhaps Mr Flynn, given his recently acquired second sight, should invest in a number of lottery tickets, or a large bet on the outcomes of Scotland’s forthcoming football matches.

The real truth of the matter is that conveniently five years is the probable length of time until the next UK General Election. No doubt in 2029, if Mr Flynn is still the leader of a much-reduced SNP Westminster group, he will be telling us he needs yet another five years to get us our referendum.

The sad fact is that the SNP appear to be happy to be the party of devolution in Scotland and equally happy to sit on the green benches of Westminster for the foreseeable future.

John Baird

AS a native of the Dumfries and Galloway constituency I was interested in James Kelly’s figure of 19% of the voters being refugees from England, who are mostly retired here and assumed to be Unionist voters.

The implication was that these ‘incomers”, aka neighbours and friends, would all vote Conservative.

Being in close association with many of these “closet Unionists”, my own research would indicate that many of this group will currently be voting “none of the above” and are disgusted by the two London parties and their goings-on. Some have even “gone native” as they realise the positive difference in such things as the NHS, welfare and support for pensioners between Scotland and England when they compare like with like. There are even a few who are now out-and-out SNP and Scottish independence supporters and activists.

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Once upon a time the local Tory party could rely on the local farming and fishing community’s votes. In the aftermath of Brexit, even they are turning up their noses at the Unionist parties.

If the folk James Kelly assumes are Unionist voters who talking about not voting all stay at home on July 4, the Tory party’s invisible candidate in Dumfries and Galloway is on a very shoogly peg.

Peter Thomson

IN his letter of June 15, Donald R Morrison lists reasons why he will not be voting for the SNP at the General Election. He concludes his letter by stating: “Sadly, the SNP have demonstrated the inability of the Scots to govern themselves effectively and democratically.”

Why does Mr Morrison hold us, Scots, to higher standards than our UK or foreign counterparts?

I do not agree with – and would ask Mr Morrison if he agrees with – every policy of every UK government in the past. Nor do I condone any of the scandals or anti-democratic behaviour which can be laid at their door.

However, I have never once even questioned whether we, Brits, should be allowed to govern themselves.

Think of the USA, Russia, France, Germany etc. Not everyone in those countries agree with all their government’s actions, but they do not question their ability to govern themselves. The competence of a particular government has nothing to do with whether a country should be independent and a people should govern themselves.

Fiona McGregor

WELL, there ye go. I predicted 6-0 for Germany. It was close, 5-1. Come on ... Scotland is so much better than that!

Because of English broadcasting rules that we meekly accept, we were lucky we were even able to watch the damn thing on our TV screens!

The truth is, as long as we remain in this so-called “Union”. Scotland’s sport simply cannot compete, without the proper funding of a normal country! Until we become independent we will never EVER win a major football competition.

John Rutherford