I HAVE watched the Scottish leaders debates and remain amazed at the selection of the candidates.

Why are we having to watch Anas Sarwar, Douglas Ross, and Alex Cole-Hamilton (pictured) argue and expound policies over which they have NO control.

These are the office boys from their parties – the CEOs remain in Westminster, knowing that England has a total majority there and can crush and discard whatever irks them, that is, a free and independent Scotland.

Whatever the office boys tell us their party will do carries no weight whatsoever, therefore they can promise us the moon with impunity.

What they will not do, probably under pain of death, is promise us that we can hold a referendum. The only true leaders spoke well, but facing an “balanced” (read – carefully selected) audience the mood was against them.

Let’s get out of this corrupt and biased Union, and tread our own path

John Johnstone