IN less than a week, around 20% of voters will receive their postal vote. There is little time left for us independence supporters to influence voters’ intentions. I would advise all readers to bombard their regional newspapers to remind people that the only change Labour offers is of Keir Starmer’s mind.

GB Energy will never get off the ground and does not sell energy. If Labour won no seats in Scotland, they would still have a hundred-seat majority in Westminster.

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Tell the story far and wide. There is a vast number of people who have not yet decided who to vote for and a bit of peer pressure would not go amiss.

Get writing, get typing, get emailing. Get on social media too and make these points as that’s where the young voters lurk and many are too young to know how Labour sold out Scotland in 2014. Let’s get going guys, and spread the word from the north to the south and the east to the west.

Steve Cunningham