FARAGE attended Clacton-on-Sea, and all the little Englander bigots applauded.

“Jackie Butler, 62, a minicab driver, said she would be voting for Farage. ‘He’s feisty; he’s got a bit of spunk,’ she told the i newspaper. “I’ve worked all my life and paid into the system. I don’t think people who don’t pay in – people on benefits and migrants – should come first for payouts. Immigration is the biggest issue of this election. Sunak may have got the Rwanda bill through, but nothing has actually happened, has it? No flights have taken off.”

And in that one statement is encapsulated the state of mind that exists because of the false narrative supplied by the propaganda outlets.

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The UK is a busted flush, not because of people, fellow human beings, crossing La Manche.

It is a busted flush because trickle-down economics does not work, it was never designed to. All the wealth is being retained at the top of the pyramid.

As such, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the very same people deliberately retaining that wealth are the ones blaming and marginalising small groups as being the problem. And the gullible, the bigoted and the fools lap up the lies and are all too eager to join in the drive to ethnically cleanse their communities.

The politics of the beer cellar has returned, and it is ironic that the fascist speaking at Clacton mentioned D-Day which, as we all know, was the day that the Allies landed in France to start the drive to rid the world of the fascist.

There is only one sensible choice for Scotland on July 4: vote SNP.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0

AS we rightly pay homage to those we remember on D-Day and indeed all other days of that enormous conflict, let us take stock and learn from what their sacrifice was to end. Namely, right-wing political extremism and its practices.

I would suggest that we can best express our gratitude by making sure that we do not vote for political parties which already are, or are increasingly veering towards, dictatorship. Let us remain true to their sacrifice by voting for parties advocating decency and true equality.

If we do not, then the Scotland we bequeath to those who follow us will be a sad and sorry place.

M Ross

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DEAD soldiers on D-Day were “suckers and losers”. David Pratt quotes Donald Trump’s ignorant and highly offensive opinion of those who gave their lives for freedom (We must be sure to never squander the sacrifices and lessons learned from D-Day, Jun 6).

Contrast Trump’s comment with Martin Roche’s article (We must fight to regain dream ignited by D-Day, Jun 6). He tells us that pipers leading soldiers into battle were banned. Lord Lovat told his piper, “that’s the English War Office, you and I are both Scottish and that doesn’t apply”. Piper Millin played on. He and Simon Lovat led the commandos across the vital Pegasus Bridge. Lovat was wounded. All the troops landing on the beaches that day showed bravery at its finest.

My father’s ship carried their ammunition. Tomorrow’s colonels may well sit behind a desk with their finger on a button and artificial intelligence at their elbow. Drones carrying mini nuclear weapons will be the next form of warfare. Scotland must act now, mirror the bravery of D-Day. Honour the heroes who fell that day for our sake. Shed Westminster, take control. Scotland nuclear-free, an independent nation once again.

Iain R Thomson

NOW that Sir Keir Starmer has joined the ranks of the “nuclear nutters fraternity” we can look forward to his new batch of subs and nukes, but apart from where and when, who will pay for them this time?

I would think the US would think twice of replacing nuclear rust buckets down the road from Glasgow, any one of which would reduce the “dear green place “ to a deserted wasteland. So he must be planning to build them himself (funded by the NHS budget, or some other needy organisation). This being the case, he might consider another site, such as Portsmouth, or in a pinch Holburn and St Pancras, where he could keep an eye on them.

J Ahern
East Kilbride

IT pretty much puts into perspective the standard of Robin Harper’s commitment to a better environment and the safety of ordinary citizens when he now advocates for nuclear weapons and nuclear power along with all the other dangerous policies of British imperialist Labour (Patrick Harvie ‘disappointed’ to see Robin Harper campaign for Labour, thenational.scot, June 6). Not only all of that, but he picks one of the most right-wing candidates to campaign for.

I would be very ashamed to have turned coat like this. Not just changing party but rejecting everything he said he stood for in the past. Is he campaigning to privatise the NHS? That has to be a big loud yes.

Gordon Mulholland
via thenational.scot