REGARDING Adam Robertson’s story in the Sunday National, “Alba membership backs strategy to secure independence”. Before any of what was written can happen, we as an independence group have to win as many Westminster seats as possible. FACT.

To do this we must have a “who’s standing” policy first and foremost. It’s no good splitting the vote when Labour and Tories will pull together to stop an independence-supporting candidate getting elected. That means sitting down and speaking. Not holding my breath on that one.

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After getting the required votes, who are we going to “negotiate” with, as stated in the article? There is no way that Westminster of whatever colour will negotiate on an independence vote. They don’t have to.

I do hope some plan comes forward which doesn’t include negotiations with anybody.

Finally, George Kerevan is quoted as saying “we will take our independence”. Is he saying “take” as in UDI?

Ken McCartney