SUPPORT for Scotland becoming independent is circa 50% right now, meanwhile support for Scottish National Party is known to be some way below this level. It is, however, also known that support prevails within supporters of other political parties.

It is surely to be expected that if and when independence for Scotland is gained, the electorate will follow different political ideologies, much as they do now.

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John Swinney in The National on Saturday suggests independence can be delivered within five years. Sadly it is ten years since we guie near gained it but we are now allegedly another five years away from leaving the ever-more-heinous Union – good for a minority of individuals no doubt, but not for the wellbeing of either nation north or south of the Border. (You can lean on your neighbour for so long to mutual benefit while you can exploit him for too long to mutual detriment!)

Three years ago Nicola Sturgeon rather flippantly declined Alex Salmond’s suggestion that their respective parties followed the cooperation of one another with regard to second votes where appropriate, much as Unionist parties clearly do, and indeed did on that very occasion. How many years’ delay that decision needlessly caused to progress toward our independence is anyone’s guess. Such needless rejection of cooperation from Alba or any other party in whatever positive way toward Scotland’s independence must be a lesson well learned if we are ever to achieve our goal, before or beyond John’s five-year target.

The time to bury young and old scores is right now in preparation for 2026. If cooperation is not running smoothly in that timescale then May 2026 will prove a tragic month for the movement.

Tom Gray

SO John Swinney is “as keen as anyone” on independence. Yet says “we can’t ignore the decision of the UK Supreme Court”. Funny that! I was under the impression that the Supreme Court was “invented” in 2009 after devolution and carries a deficit of Scottish judges – Lords Reed and Hodges at present – and probably will always be so. Oh I forgot, that’s how this “Union” works. Always a Scottish deficit.

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Perhaps a more equitable court would have comprised an equal number of justices from each of the four countries and regions of the UK. This would then be a genuine Supreme Court and might be one where we pay more attention to their judgements!

The SNP seem to live by their judgements and advise us accordingly.

I for one don’t believe that this Supreme Court, as presently constituted, would ever rule in favour of Scottish independence.

Paul Gillon

AT this time of the 25th anniversary of the return of the Scottish Parliament, and as we are seeing change in the way forward for the Scottish Government, is this a time for national reflection?

Perhaps division and negativity are to the forefront of our minds when thinking of our Scottish Parliament, and yet the past 25 years have seen many positives and much cooperation because of our parliament and how it operates. For much of the time minority governments have worked with other parties to do their best for the benefit of Scotland’s people.

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Working with others means listening to others. Is now a time for listening to all voices across the political spectrum? Is this the time for the present minority government to invite all voices to speak, to clearly say how each would propose practical ways forward for our NHS, our education system, our economy, our social care? Indeed, practical ways forward for our nation given the restrictions (financial and legal) placed upon it by Westminster? Is this a time for invitations to not only political parties but individuals such as Andy Wightman and organisations such as Common Weal who have done much hard work and have practical suggestions?

It is time for positive voices to be heard for taking Scotland forward.

John Tracey

INSULTING to Scotland, breathtaking in its enormity!

PM Rishi Sunak, in an address to the country, listed threats to the UK’s values: Russia, Iran, North Korea, antisemitism, gender activists and Scottish nationalism! Prime Minister, that is an outrageous allegation, Scottish nationalism in the same speech as countries with authoritarian regimes! Scottish nationalism is alive and exists to bring democracy and human rights to Scotland through self-determination. I am not sure the same could be said regarding Mr Sunak’s listed countries, and that is why the PM was so insulting to Scotland.

Catriona C Clark

WESTMINSTER has previous for tackling Scottish nationalism; remember the Highland Clearances of 1750. Trusting Westminster is folly and political independence is the only solution.

A Wilson
via email

I AM thinking of buying a T-shirt with the following words printed on the front and back: “Proud to be one of Sunak’s extremists”.

M Ross

JACKIE Baillie was on the radio on Sunday morning calling for a kinder kind of politics and saying that people on social media do not know how to behave.

Does this cover the MSP who described John Swinney in a newspaper in the last few days as a “snarling attack dog”? From now on I will describe her as a pantomime dame.

Winifred McCartney