WITH the NHS on its knees due to deliberate underfunding for decades, whilst billions are spent on bombs and armaments each and every month, does anyone else think how absolutely absurd it is that wealthy snobs in Westminster, all with private medical insurance, are allowed to debate the rights of assisted dying for the common people, the vast majority of whom can only dream of being able to afford the luxury of private medical insurance?

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Most of these MPs have never done an honest day’s work in their lives, can afford to have a healthy diet, have frequent holidays often in their holiday homes, and live in luxury country homes deep in the countryside, well away from the chronically overcrowded inner city slums with their hugely polluted air.

These islands are and continue to be absolutely no better than the Victorian times, such is the massive chasm between the idle rich and the hardworking poor, and now that are debating where and when we are allowed to die?

Iain K