I HAVE actually cut out the letter regarding the Hate Crime Act from Arfon Jones (Apr 5) to counter any BS I hear from anyone. Things and time move on. What was “acceptable” 30 years ago is no longer the case. Can you imagine Rabbi Matondo getting pelted with bananas by his own bigoted fans these days like Mark Walters was? Of course not, it just wouldn’t happen, and I’d like to think the vast majority of fans would call that out or self police it!

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I would also suggest that people like Ally McCoist who have a public platform to air their extreme and inaccurate agendas should be removed from these platforms by all the TV channels, as I cannot think for one minute that he is representative of the inclusive agenda that all such companies follow these days. While he may or may not be directly employed by them, it is surely time these companies stepped up to the bar and called him out and dropped him like a hot potato.

Steve Cunningham