AS we welcome in April with daffodils in bloom, we get a temporary ray of sunshine around us. But this month has also brought with it some additions to the cost of living crisis with price increases, some rising higher than inflation.

Car users will see increases in road tax, there will be rises in postal charges and those who can afford broadband and mobile phones will see increases to these costs. Most of those services play a huge role in keeping us connected, dealing with the massive issue of loneliness.

The Conservatives at Westminster would have us believe that we have just received reductions in our energy costs, but these are still higher than they were before the pandemic, something hard-working families are still struggling with. Thankfully here in Scotland the SNP imposed a Council Tax freeze, which will go some way to assist households.

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So, unfortunately, April did bring some expensive baggage with it, yet the government at Westminster, which has responsibility for policy which has ultimately resulted in many of the increases, is conspicuous by its silence.

I am sure voters will have their say come the election.
Catriona C Clark