A GRASSROOTS project has crossed the pond this week, hopefully sharing the Yes message far and wide across the United States.

To See Ourselves – which if you haven't seen, you must! – is set to show in New York tomorrow. Director Jane McAllister will also take part in a Q&A.

I was super excited to hear this news as, on a personal note, I'll be leaving this post at The National in three weeks to also cross the Atlantic and travel for six months. Don't worry, I'll back in November – so hold off on that General Election.

Fiona McGregor, co-presenter of Scottish Independence Podcasts, sent her best and said: "I'm sure you will spread the word about #ScottishIndependenceASAP along the way."

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Whenever I have previously spoken to people while travelling, as most Yes supporters will have also experienced, there is a love for Scotland like no other – especially when it comes to our freedom.

While in Tallinn, an Estonian man said to me he wished our country could do what his had done, and in Austria, a girl from Belgium once asked me why we hadn't just done it yet.

It makes perfect sense to most in the big wide world for Scotland and its people to join them as an independent nation – and films like To See Ourselves will just greater amplify that message. So a massive congratulations to the New Licht Film team!

WITH the General Election happening at some point this year, it's important voters know what is needed at the polling station. That is what grassroots have been driving across the country.

Later this month, Edinburgh activists are hosting an online event entirely dedicated to educating everyone on how to best communicate this to both voters and other activists. It looks like it will be a fantastic resource!

Get your tickets here.

Emma Roddick MSP, the Minister for Equalities, will join the event hosted by SNP councillor Stuart Doddin. The pair will explain what the implications of the new legislation and any questions you need help with.

BELIEVE in Scotland has continued to announce speakers and performers for the march in Glasgow on April 20 (which will be my last event and report).

So far, we have:

  • Humza Yousaf - First Minister of Scotland
  • Pat Kane - Musician and campaigner
  • Iona Fyfe - Singer and activist
  • Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp - Founder of Believe in Scotland
  • Marlene Halliday - Pensioners for Independence
  • James Robertson - Writer
  • Jane McAllister - Filmmaker and campaigner
  • Saor Alba Pipes and drums + Aye Notes will join the march

Elsewhere, All Under One Banner have written to Yousaf, Greens co-leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, Alba leader Alex Salmond and ISP leader Colette Stevenson in the hopes of them joining its march in May.

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No speakers have been announced yet but we will keep an eye out. As previously reported, the march is going to be tied with calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.