SCOTTISH independence group All Under One Banner has rebranded its graphics and messaging ahead of a march in Glasgow to include calls for a ceasefire in Palestine.

The group shared graphics on social media on Wednesday, which are usually blue and white, advertising the march with the new colours of the Palestinian flag – red, white, and green.

They also posted a statement on Twitter/X which explained the reasoning behind the rebrand.

“March for independence on Saturday, May 4. March for democracy – it’s our right to decide," the post said.

It continued: “March for Gaza – no to genocide – ceasefire now. March for peace – no to war and colonialism. March for independence – for a nuclear free Scotland.

“Make sure to attend the national demonstration for self determination on Saturday, May 4."

Neil MacKay, AUOB’s named organiser for the Glasgow march, told The National: "It is vital for indy supporters to not only take to the streets of Glasgow for Scottish independence, but to simultaneously mobilise against Israel's genocide of the people of Gaza – which is the most pressing global issue at this time.

“As such we have weaved in the necessity to march against war, colonialism, and nuclear bombs alongside the call to march for peace, democracy and self determination."

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Mackay added: “On Saturday, May 4 we encourage indy supporters to march for independence, all under one banner, in massive numbers – ensuring that this national demonstration exemplifies the internationalism of the Scottish people, as well as showing the character of the independent Scotland which together we shall build.

“On Saturday, May 4 make sure you join the March for Scottish independence and against the War on Gaza."

AUOB, which grew its marches from an estimated 25,000 in 2016 to 200,000 in 2019 before seeing a post-Covid decline, will host four events in 2024.

The full list of events is as follows: 

  • 4 May - Glasgow
  • 22 June - Stirling
  • 3 August - Elgin
  • 7 September - Edinburgh