“BORIS Johnson did not consult watchdog over paid role with hedge fund” The Guardian reported last week. And I will wager that he will not face any kind of sanctions whatsoever.

This is because all pretence of above-board negotiations, lobbying or tendering of contracts has been done away with. It really is a scramble to the bottom of the barrel as far as the elite are concerned.

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They are acting like sharks in a feeding frenzy except, of course, they are not hungry, only greedy. Accumulating more wealth is their only ambition. It is what drives them 24/7, and they do not care what they destroy on the way to hoovering up the money.

Do the supporters of the Union go to bed happy in the knowledge that every person they are instructed to venerate is ripping them off? Is this the best that supporters of the Union dream of?

On this archipelago, just as in other parts of the empire, the elite have lied to us. We have been played for fools time after time. It is time those who perpetrated that lie faced justice.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0