A PECKING order system has always been central to Conservative policy, with Tories doing the pecking. “Gove’s plans to combat ‘extremism’ would take us into sinister territory” writes George Kerevan in Monday’s National. It's no surprise that Mr Gove is a keen supporter of the “big money boys”, and taking to the streets waving flags might upset them.

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Unfortunately our Westminster vote every five years may not stem the rate at which the control of a lame UK democracy passes into a system increasingly influenced by party donations. To frighten workers, Douglas Ross firmly states that any possible extension of a windfall tax on excessive energy profits would be job-ditching. After all, less tax and more spare cash for donations allows the Tories to keep pecking.

Any misguided SNP revolutionaries must be cleared off the streets and confined to barracks.

It’s time for Scotland to go “absent without leave” and wave independence banners for real.

Iain R Thomson