I HAVE been saying through your great paper for over a year now that Keir Starmer is doing his utmost to ensure Labour do not win the next General Election. It’s becoming more obvious by the day that this fraudster is a Tory through and through, and how anyone in the Labour Party ever fell for this charlatan is actually mind-blowing.

Go, Andrew Feinstein, hit this chancer where it hurts!

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It’s also becoming more obvious by the day that we have to get out of this absolutely disastrous arrangement, and it cannot come a moment too soon as we have to watch political parties with cabinets full of nodding dummies that do not have the slightest clue how to run their own country, never mind be anywhere near the levers of power of our potentially wonderful land.

It exasperates me and just about everyone I know each and every single day, as we have to sit and watch the posh-voiced, bone-idle, dim-witted, suit-wearing, dancing chimpanzees in Westminster ruin all our lives, but hey, at least we can go and have a cuppa to calm down in the Redcoat Cafe, and just pray we don’t get hung, drawn and quartered if we have a copy of The National with us, or try pay in Scots currency!

Iain K