I’M sure most politically literate Scots were totally unsurprised by the antagonistic response of the permanently morose Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack, at the Covid inquiry in Edinburgh.

He’d previously been given short shrift by Scottish Government representatives including ex-FM Nicola Sturgeon and ex-Deputy FM John Sweeney, hence the predictable attack against his critics, particularly Nicola Sturgeon, who were the accountable ones carrying the fight against the threat of an impending pandemic against the Scottish people.

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Indeed, by all accounts it appears that Mr Jack was an uninspiring, useless specimen of a supportive UK Government politician, and that ties in nicely with his short political career – a little-known financial donor to the Conservative and Unionist Party who appeared out of nowhere into the Scottish Secretary of State role, replacing David Mundell in the process.

Jack was a Brexit man, spouting off his lying Brexit drivel and shamelessly telling the “Yes to stay in the EU” Scottish population/Scottish Government to like it or lump it. Add to that his bizarrely ill-conceived support for his ex-boss, a political clown/ex-PM named Boris Johnson – he was stupidly loyal to the clown prince until the bitter end!

This behaviour corroborates the fact that he is a political non-entity who has no credibility whatsoever and has done very little in the political arena. He certainly doesn’t compare with the charisma and standing of a past political leader like Nicola Sturgeon, and listening to this minion’s contemptuous definition of true emotion and upset, in his description of the ex-FM’s tearful appearance at the Covid inquiry, was absolutely astounding and devoid of any respect or sincerity whatsoever.

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Lastly, one must emphasise how much of a political hypocrite Jack actually is when scrutinising the number of occasions during the Covid pandemic he and his Westminster Tory cohorts tried to flog the strength of the Union, the GB logo, even at one point trying to print a Union Jack symbol on Covid vaccination packs – sheer hypocrisy while trying to bogusly “point the finger” at the Scottish Government for using the fight against Covid for political purposes, ie the quest for Scottish independence, for which there is no real evidence.

The sooner this non-entity leaves to take up his absolutely undeserved place in the House of Lords, the better! Although he sadly becomes another Tory nobody “put out to pasture” and picking up his annual “nice little earner” from the public purse. And we wonder why the term “Broken Britain” is frequently iterated in Scotland these days!! That’s just one reason of many – the list of reasons is huge and damning!

Bernie Japs

WHY did Jamie Dawson KC not tell Jack that it was absolutely absurd to claim that he had to delete government messages to free up memory space?

What percentage of his iPhone memory was taken up by government WhatsApps? 0.01%, 0.001%, 0.0001%?

Jack knowingly concealed information the inquiry was entitled to hear without a word of rebuke from KC or judge, and was allowed to insult Nicola without a word of rebuke from either KC or judge.

Draw your own conclusions.

Andrew Orr
via thenational.scot

ONE cannot but admire our incredible Viceroy, Alister Jack, who revealed that Nicola Sturgeon could “cry out of one eye”. Our Jack goes one better: he can talk out of his backside. Beat that, Nicola!

James Stevenson