ALISTER Jack at Covid inquiry was treated with deference and allowed to make political points without interruption – contrast this with the way Nicola Sturgeon was treated and not allowed to make political points.

He mentioned that Scotland did not ask for furlough earlier and that it would have been given. Mark Drakeford in Labour Wales asked for furlough and it was denied. Jack disputes that – I know who I believe and it is not Jack.

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He admits to deleting all WhatsApp messages and thinks that is fine, but in Scotland it is treated as the end of the world and a cover-up. It was only the UK Government that needed cover-up because of the VIP lane for PPE contracts.

He gave 90 minutes of evidence. Contrast that with the five hours of Nicola Sturgeon.

The hatred for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP oozes out of Jack – they will not give up Scotland without destroying it first, and they will play any kind of dirty trick to get rid of anyone they deem a threat to their “precious Union”. They know that without Scotland they are doomed.

Winifred McCartney