WE would be wrong to expect Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer to have been able to recognise bias at the BBC when questioned on Sky News.

Let’s not forget that she is the one who thought it appropriate to joke in the House of Commons about sending Scots to the colonies as slaves. She would not know what bias is if it got up and bit her.

Bias against Scotland is endemic to the state and all of its London based branches, including the state broadcasting corporation. The anglocentric perspective held by too many of its people makes it impossible for them to see that there is anything wrong.

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Sadly this condition has persisted so long that there is a significant proportion of Scots who are taken in and believe what they see and hear coming from the south. Not this one, and at the risk of being accused of being biased myself,

I am forever Scottish not British and I want my country back from the government in London that runs the state in the interest of the bulk of the population that just happens to live on its doorstep in south-east England.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews