I READ an article by Ian Murray in which he said Humza Yousaf was getting more and more desperate by the day. I will not be taking any crap from the likes of him, as he only gets elected because of tactical voting. I also noted Humza saying he wanted Scotland to be Tory-free after the General Election. While we would all like that, it will just not happen.

I will be investing a not insubstantial sum of money on three Tories to win their seats: David Mundell, John Lamont and whoever is standing in Alister Jack’s seat. The reason for this is simple logic. There are many many well-off constituents in those seats, plus the farming community will as usual vote for them regardless of Brexit or anything else you care to mention.

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We may have a chance of taking Wee Dougie’s seat and every chance of unseating Andrew Bowie, who must surely be one of the most obnoxious Tories ever and boy is that saying something! However, we may be in danger of losing a lot of seats if we don’t get our act together. We need a big win and however we get it is of no consequence. So come on, SNP – do something or give us something to boost us up. We have had nothing but fine words for too long. Time for action NOW.

Old John