The National:

CHRISTOPHER Eccleston has had another take on the royal family - this time over King Charles's portrait push.

In case you missed it, every local authority in the UK has been invited to apply for a portrait of the monarch to hang in public buildings.

Never mind that it will cost the taxpayer a whopping £8 million during a cost of living crisis.

In very widely shared Instagram posts, Doctor Who star Eccleston once dubbed the late Queen Elizabeth "parasite in chief in her idiot hat" and called Charles "Ebenezer Windsor" following his coronation last year.

The actor has once again taken to Instagram to share his unhappiness with the royals.

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Sharing the King's portrait, but upside down, Eccleston wrote: "Us taxpayers will pay 8 Million Pounds for this……

"National Education Union leader Daniel said : 'Out of glue sticks? Leaky roof?

"'Damp entering through that cracked window frame?

"'What your school needs is a picture of King Charles printed on "high quality" paper.'"

The post rapidly gathered over 16,000 likes, including from English actress Kate Beckinsale. 

The National:

"Babe wake up Christopher Eccleston's posting monarchy hatred again," one commenter joked. 

"I see that you're still being a legend Chris," another added.

One said simply: "I love your dedication to calling out demons."