THE bombing of Yemen by Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak is an abomination. Yemen has not attacked either Britain or America. For Sunak to say they had, then use this as the pretext for this act of immoral depravity, is grotesque.

Yemen is an impoverished nation that has been subjected to a murderous Saudi-led Washington backed campaign since 2014.

Attacking a country that poses no threat is the supreme international crime as outlined at Nuremburg.

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Biden sought no permission from the US Congress for this attack. His unilateral action is illegal and should be grounds for his impeachment.

The Houthis had blocked the Red Sea and provided the only real challenge to the Israeli war machine in Gaza.

That war machine is committing genocide. The Houthis said they would end the blockade of the Red Sea when there was a ceasefire in Gaza. Instead of forcing Israel to do that the US and its vassal states decided that a futile bombing campaign is a better option.

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Over the last 20 years Washington has bombed or invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya, Syria and many more. The propaganda is about spreading “freedom and democracy” the reality is millions have been killed, maimed or displaced. They then turn into refugees heading for Europe. Trillions of dollars have been spent on these wars.

All while the infrastructure of Western countries is crumbling, as are living standards and health care.

The UK political system is savage and sordid. It is maintained by a propaganda pumped out by the worst media in the Western world. Scotland deserves and can do better than this. It is time to dump Westminster and become independent again.

Alan Hinnrichs

YET again we see that the Tory government and the lapdog Labour opposition leader care more about commercial shipping than human lives with the decision to launch attacks in Yemen – breaching UN resolutions.

Obviously no-one would want those operating shipping to be in any danger, but the scale of the response by the UK – being dragged along by the USA as usual – is in complete contrast to the total inaction of the UK and USA with regard to Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people.

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Of course, it can be argued that the USA and UK have done something – they continue to supply Israel with the weapons they use to attack civilians, and offer them political cover for the genocide they are carrying out. Of course Labour are no better – too many of their leaders accept “contributions” from Israeli citizens to support the ongoing war crimes.

Yet again the USA and the UK are supporting Israel’s war crimes while other countries such as South Africa take the lead in taking action via the International Court of Justice regarding Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

THE US and its UK acolyte are plunging the Middle East into a regional war. They’ve bombed Yemen for the Houthis’ attacks on Red Sea shipping. The Houthis, who know about American bombs, were responding to US-funded Israel’s destruction of Gaza where the killing of civilians has reached historic levels of horror. For years the US and UK helped Saudi Arabia bomb the Yemeni Houthis into smithereens, and they now risk reigniting that conflict.

It’s fair to ask whether it’s in the UK’s interests to involve itself in a foreign war when its own citizens are struggling. It’s certainly in the interests of the arms industry, whose stock prices have exploded as a result of the Ukraine and Gaza wars. BAE Systems, the UK’s largest defence company, reported a 30% share price jump in 2023 and 2024 looks to be another bumper year.

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Rishi Sunak is in Kyiv announcing another £2.5 billion for a war that most people acknowledge Ukraine has lost. 500,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or seriously wounded – 30,000 per month. The country has been destroyed and the Western corporate vultures are circling and plotting, with Zelensky’s encouragement, to turn a rump Ukrainian state into a weapons-production hub for the West.

Sunak’s militarism is an attempt to divert attention from failing public services, falling life expectancy, rising poverty and inequality. The UK is failing before our eyes along with its partner in conflict, the US.

Leah Gunn Barrett

IT is estimated that Russia has killed at least 10000 civilians in Ukraine. Britain and the US rightly led the international condemnation and imposed severe sanctions on Russia. Israel has so far killed more than 23000 civilians in Gaza and in response Britain and the US have stepped up arms deliveries and increased funding to Israel while orchestrating a propaganda campaign via the mainstream media and the BBC on the central theme that any criticism of Israel is antisemitism.

We are constantly told that Israel has a right to defend itself – but apparently Palestine has no such right. Palestine has no air force nor anti-aircraft guns or missiles and can only watch and wait helplessly as Israeli aircraft destroy homes, schools, hospitals and refugee camps.

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I am old enough to remember when Israelis were regarded as heroes, winning the 1967 and 1973 wars against overwhelming odds. In those days a fighter aircraft was employed in aerial dogfights against the Arab air forces – nowadays they are only required to drop bombs on defenceless women and children.

The Westminster government has now gone beyond lying and corruption – plenty examples of those – and has now abandoned any pretence of morality or ethical behaviour. Only the pursuit of power and slavish obedience to the US now matter.

John McCall