I READ with interest two articles in The National yesterday, “The BBC should be ashamed of itself” by Graham Smith and “Broadcaster admits ‘documentary’ avoids royal controversies” by Hamish Morrison, with both making the point that Channel 4 News turned down an interview with Charles because the palace asked to vet all questions and to edit the end product”.

Why doesn’t Channel 4 News make its own “interview” from existing video/recording file footage of the “real” Charles, his “indiscretions”, (including before, during and after his marriage to Diana), his deceit in ignoring “the rumour” about his late mother’s insistence Camilla must never be called “Queen” and his complete unsuitability to be crowned King, head of the Church and a “pillar of society”, while devoid of morality?

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That is one TV programme I would tune into, as I am certain many, many millions of others would. It would certainly draw a bigger audience than the pathetic apology for a documentary shown on Christmas Day, (which I didn’t watch and never will). One can only live in hope that day will dawn.

Jim Todd