THE festive season is almost upon us, a time of goodwill and giving, a time of “peace on earth” and a time to be with loved ones. It is also a time for families to come together, gather round the fire and enjoy a meal together.

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Yet, as was highlighted at the last PMQs of the year on Wednesday, there will be more than 140,000 children homeless or living in temporary accommodation in the UK this Christmas. And what was the Prime Minister’s response to those appalling figure? Tax cuts are on their way for working families. Those will be the very families who have become homeless due to massive increases in mortgage rates under the Conservatives, massive increases in domestic energy costs under the Conservatives.

Sadly for many, Christmas will be devoid of goodwill, instead it will be a time of survival, a time of sitting in the cold and a visit to the local food bank. Conservatives who are so out of touch they simply are oblivious to the suffering.

Catriona C Clark