LABOUR have calculated they don’t need or want Scottish votes (Keir Starmer’s praise of Margaret Thatcher an ‘insult’ to Scotland, says Humza Yousaf,, Dec 3). Scottish Labour tossed out with the useless rubbish. No recycling for them. (Perhaps they consider Scottish Labour voters are thick as mince too.)

Even with the passing of decades, if you are not aware of and do not understand what Thatcher’s legacy is within Scotland, I guess you really are tabloid-sucking, brain dead and blinkered.

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You can’t make this stuff up. What a stunningly back-stabbing and arrogant attitude Starmer displays. This is so mad, it can only truly be what Starmer and all Labour are. I worry about recent worker heroes like Mick Lynch – surely he and others must have known what was afoot?

Nicholas Durant

STARMER’S Labour whole pitch seems to be “We are like the Tories but a bit nicer, vote for us”.

B Griffiths