NORMALLY I agree with Jim Taylor’s letters to The National but Tuesday's long letter didn’t register with me on a few counts.

Regarding his comment about the “best opportunity to DEMAND independence” – how on earth does any political party demand anything of Westminster? Are you talking UDI here? If not can you expand please, Jim.

The current government and the next one won’t even come round a table.

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“Alba only exists because of the SNP failure to deliver on indy” – and who, Jim, was the Top Dog in 2014 when indy wasn’t delivered and the question “what’s your Plan B, Mr Salmond” couldn’t be answered along with questions about pensions, currency and borders. We have, I think, settled some of these questions.

I read Ash Regan’s columns and she was “odds on” to go to Alba, her campaign manager for the FM job was a former Alba member.

So to end, I’ve really been trying to put “indy cause before party” as Jim stated in his last paragraph. Has Mr Salmond?

Ken McCartney