THE “evil” Westminster “empire” politicians are not being challenged by the “rebel” independence politicians. Unfortunately for Scots, Nicola Sturgeon was no Princess Leia, Ian Blackford was no Han Solo, Humza Yousaf is no Lando Calrissian, Stephen Flynn is no Luke Skywalker and Alex Salmond is no Yoda!

The problem with the SNP is that they have been so busy building their own Holyrood empire, and being goaded by Unionist MPs to concentrate on the day job, that they have become detached from their main goal, achieving Scottish independence.

At Westminster, the SNP have shown passion in fighting for a ceasefire in Gaza, but where has this passion been in the past decade for independence?

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Unfortunately, over the past decade the SNP have slowly integrated into the English Westminster system, following the rules, sitting on committees and becoming part of the establishment. As a party, especially at Holyrood, they have become tainted by sleaze, financial mismanagement, incompetent governance etc.

Independence has been at approx 50% for a while now, with the pendulum very slowly swinging in our favour, which is quite a feat considering the propaganda might of the empire and their lackeys in the print and broadcast media painting a gloomy future without England.

What inspirational idea have the SNP come up with to get independence back on the road? Yes, getting a majority at the next Westminster election and hoping to demand from Labour a second independence vote. I can’t see SIR Keir or DAME Jackie even contemplating it, as they are part of the Union establishment given their titles and the Labour Party are likely to have a UK and Scottish majority.

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Scots are sick to the back teeth of Tory austerity and the lacklustre performance of the SNP at Westminster. Propping up an austerity government didn’t work out for the Liberal Democrats or the DUP, so why would it favour the SNP with “blue” Labour?

Finally, the penny has dropped and the SNP Holyrood-led party have realised that they have no constitutional power and this power resides at Westminster.

The SNP have failed repeatedly to use the Scottish constitutional majority at Westminster since Brexit and to use Scotland’s overwhelming majority against Brexit to open the door for a legitimate second referendum. Only now, after a special conference, do they think about using it – well not now, but soon! D’oh!

Independence-aligned Scottish Westminster MPs at this very moment have an overwhelming majority and could demand a second referendum and call out the English MPs who are deliberately blocking one using “now is not the time” to placate the UN, EU and America from crying foul with respect to democracy.

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Yes, English MPs are telling Scots MPs what is right for us. As Scots, we shouldn’t be afraid to call them out as England has been coercing Scots from long before the Union with false inducements and trade blockades and even now Unionists use the potential loss of trade with England as a scare tactic. Shame on them.

If 60-plus countries including America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malta, etc can survive and prosper without a British umbilical cord, why is England so hell-bent on preventing Scots having an independent future? Power, control and greed spring to mind.

Now the argument against using the current Scottish majority at Westminster is that Scots never voted for that. Really! The SNP goal is Scottish independence and anyone that votes SNP knows this, whether they admit to this or not. If Scots don’t know what the SNP stand for, then they must have slept through the 2013/2014 referendum campaign.

Why not use the overwhelming Scottish Westminster majority NOW to table a motion “that it is English MPs not Scottish MPs that are preventing a second referendum and circumventing democracy”? 

For a party with no funds and obviously no vision, what was the point of the special conference? Never mind a bottle deposit return scheme, the SNP need find their political bottle soon or the independence movement will leave them behind.

A Wilson