THE whole Yes movement urgently requires a reality check if independence is to be achieved. If you want independence – really want it, more than any party or personal grievance – you need to consider the options.

At present we have the SNP’s plan for the General Election and failing that using the Holyrood election as a referendum, but this whole plan will fail if the Yes movement doesn’t work together as one. I reckon if it does fail then the cause of independence will suffer such a blow that it may not ever recover.

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Yes, there are other parties and they may well have support from sections of the Yes support, but let’s be brutally honest: they are not getting the public recognition they require to carry through and win an independence campaign. Voter trust may take decades, by which time Westminster, under whichever Tory government, will have damaged Scotland’s industries and social fabric beyond recognition.

So, it’s time to bite the bullet for one last time and support this venture, because I honestly believe there will not be another chance for years if it fails.

For me it’s independence and country first. Party loyalty comes way down my list of priorities.

Bill Golden