ALEX Salmond would do well to remember that the people of Scotland voted for the SNP, but he seems to spend every waking minute trying to bring them down (Alex Salmond marks dud indyref2 date, saying SNP ‘failed’ Yessers, Oct 19). He needs to respect democracy.

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He may have got a referendum in 2014, but we know that was granted only because Cameron was sure Scotland would lose, and they did because Alex Salmond got carried away with his own ego and failed to make sure there were enough Yes voters to get it across the line. We won’t make that mistake again.

Time to get out the pipe and slippers, Alex, because you will never be relevant in Scottish politics again. You have become a disruptive and divisive force in the independence movement. Let the government the people voted for get on with the job.

Sheila Le Mottee