I WRITE this ensconced in deepest Tory Yorkshire where the Rutherglen by-election is of no consequence. Alas, as I cross the border back into my beloved homeland the impending disaster to come will occupy my mind once again.

It would appear no amount of loaves and fishes will prevent what I would consider to be a calamity should the expected loss occur. Just how we got into this mess is plain to see, and I have to say that I see no progress on the horizon. The FM has said he will take the blame if we lose. That was a ridiculous thing to say in my opinion, as it only served to say that continuity with the continuity candidate has not worked.

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If, as expected, the SNP conference is a damp squib then I think a change of tack is called for. We are past the point of talking and are running out of time. If this by-election is lost, I hope that negates any thought of a Westminster de facto referendum. Surely that would be the the time to use a Scottish election as a defining moment in Scotland’s history.

I have to wonder why we are stalling on this, as it is the only way ahead that makes any sense. If the current SNP leadership don’t have the bottle then let’s get some people in who do.

Old John