IT is really surprising what party conferences reveal. First off the starting blocks have been the LibDems, who have just revealed their second U-turn in a week! First we heard their commitment to the EU is being ditched, yet their main slogan in 2016 was “stop Brexit”, so what has changed? Surely they have not become oblivious to the damage Brexit has done to so many elements of our lives.

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The revelations didn’t stop there. The LibDems have now ditched their commitment to increasing taxation by 1p to fund the NHS. Finally their leader had the audacity to suggest the SNP government in Scotland has made a “total mess of everything”! A claim I would certainly refute, considering the SNP government in Scotland have mitigated against the Westminster-imposed cost-of-living crisis and austerity to the tune of £3 billion. They have introduced the Scottish Child Payment, available nowhere else in the UK, and something the LibDem leader should be embracing instead of criticising.

But let’s be realistic and thankful – with 15 MPs in Westminster, the LibDems are unlikely to be in the position of introducing legislation any time soon.

Catriona C Clark