I SUPPOSE this shows that there is a strong vein of masochism in my thinking, but I have a bizarre interest in the “Trump phenomenon” within American politics. As I read of the past president’s interest in the abortion debate raging in the USA, the point was made that beyond votes from his “Bible Belt” loyalists, and campaign fund donations, he has precisely no interest in the matter of abortion, giving no care for the health of women with unwanted pregnancies, or indeed the loss of unborn foetuses.

His opinions can change, sometimes day to day and even speech to speech, depending on what these voters and donors want to hear.

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This approach is very similar to that of our current Westminster government. You might of course wish to make certain changes. For past president Trump read Rishi Sunak, for abortion read “climate change mitigation measures”.

We should perhaps desist from raising our eyebrows mockingly at some of the right-wing rhetoric on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, when our own government seems to care so little for the lives of our perhaps yet unborn grandchildren and great-grandchildren, or indeed for the future of the entire human race! Retaining power, it would seem, is the most important matter.

Alex Leggatt