ONCE again the people of this country are being held to ransom by the greedy oil producers who can’t seem to get enough money.

My local garage has gone up by 14 pence a litre for the ordinary motorist. Amid all this the chancellor is silent. We all know why that is. Britain is skint and he and the rest of his millionaire cronies who care not a jot about the price of anything sit on their hands and do nothing.

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A decent chancellor would be going to the House of Commons and telling us he would be taking 20 pence a litre off fuel until this was over. The general public need help and we need it NOW! Perhaps Stephen Flynn could ask the PM this week why something like this is not happening. We cannot rely on His Majesty’s Opposition to do this as they are as bad if not worse than the Tories.

So come on Stephen, let’s hear you give them some on Wednesday. We will all be right behind you.

Old John